2017 lexus lx my18 hero

5.7-litre V8

Lx 570


Powered by a 5.7-litre V8 engine coupled with an advanced eight-speed paddle-shift transmission, the LX 570 offers smooth, powerful acceleration. Its permanent four-wheel drive gives you confidence on all kinds of surfaces and in the harshest of driving conditions. Whether you're on the open road, or in the urban jungle, the LX 570 offers the refinement, technology and luxurious surroundings you'd expect in a flagship luxury SUV.

        2017 lexus lx my18 key features
  • Body On Frame construction

    Unlike ordinary SUVs where the cabin and chassis are one structure, the LX has a ‘body on frame’ construction, so the strong lower frame shrugs off the twisting forces when driving over rough ground.

  • Permanent All-Wheel Drive

    At the heart of the LX's supreme off-road ability is the permanent all-wheel drive's front and rear differentials and a TORSEN® Limited Slip Differential that distributes power according to the grip available at each wheel.

  • Multi-Terrain Select

    The LX gives you precise control of toque and speed to match the conditions. Multi-Terrain Select adjusts brake and accelerator settings according to your selection of Mud/Sand, Loose Rock, Mogul or Rock mode.

  • Adaptive Variable Suspension

    Adaptive Variable Suspension lets you fine-tune the LX's ride characteristics: ‘Normal’ for everyday driving, ‘Comfort’ for long-distance cruising, and ‘Sport’ for more dynamic response.

  • Luggage space

    As you'd expect from a sports utility vehicle, the LX has generous and flexible luggage space. Seat can be folded and stowed to create room, making it easier to load and carry large and bulky items.

  • V8 Petrol engine

    The LX features a V8 petrol engine with 8-speed paddle-shift automatic transmission for dynamic and smooth gear changes. The 5.7 litre engine will take the LX from 0 to 100km/h in 7.8 seconds.


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LX 570

5.7 Litre V8
        LX 570 High

The stunning LX 570 is powered by a 5.7-litre petrol aspirated engine V8 with an 8-speed automatic transmission, delivering a maximum torque of 530 Nm to take you from 0-100 kmh in just 7.7 seconds.