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LS 500


The LS 500 is our all-new, fifth-generation luxury sedan powered by the superbly dynamic 3.5 litre V6 turbocharged petrol engine. It comes equipped with All-Wheel Drive transmission and a 10 speed gearbox delivering excellent acceleration and responsiveness, low fuel consumption and outstanding thermal efficiency.

        2018 lexus ls key features
  • Takumi-crafted interior

    Hand-pleated door linings, Shimamoku wood patterns and decorative trim inspired by Edo Kiriko cut glass complement the ‘Takumi’-crafted leather seats in the LS' whisper-quiet cabin.

  • True 'Omotenashi' welcome

    Inspired by Japanese hospitality, when you touch the door handle the new LS rises to welcome and assist your entry, while the front seat bolsters lower automatically to greet you as you take your seat .

  • Lexus Safety System+ A

    Reassuringly, the new 2018 LS is also equipped with next-generation Lexus Safety System+ A . The system’s advanced technology now includes the world’s first pedestrian detection function with active steering.

    Do not use the Lexus Safety System instead of normal driving under any circumstances and please read the instructions before operating the system. The driver is always responsible for driving safely.

  • 28-way adjustable seats with Shiatsu massage

    To keep you refreshed, the 28-way adjustable front seat can perform shiatsu massages, while rear seat passengers can enjoy a reclining ottoman with seven shiatsu massage programmes and extra heaters.

  • Mark Levinson® Premium Surround

    The hushed serenity of the cabin provides an ideal stage for the Mark Levinson® system featuring Quantum Logic Immersion technology and a ceiling array to create a unique 3D concert-like experience.

  • V6 Engine

    The remarkable 3.5 litre V6 twin turbo petrol engine provides the quiet and refined performance befitting a flagship luxury sedan.

    The engine effortlessly and immediately delivers powerful and exhilarating acceleration thanks to the flat torque characteristics of the twin turbochargers, and excellent fuel economy through top-class thermal efficiency.

  • 10 speed transmission

    Another Lexus world first, the LS 500’s 10-speed automatic transmission provides astonishingly quick gearshifts and a crisp, smooth and rhythmic ride. The AI-SHIFT control selects the optimum gear according to your preferences and intentions, based not just on vehicle speed, but also on your past driving style.


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LS 500 AWD

3.5 literes V6 turbófeltöltésú benzinmotor
        LS 500 AWD ELEGANCE

Az LS 500 változatot egy új, 3,5 literes V6-os turbótöltésű benzinmotor hajtja. Az újonnan kifejlesztett, 10 fokozatú sebességváltóval összekapcsolt erőforrás csekély üzemanyag-fogyasztás és remek termikus hatásfok mellett is élvezetes gyorsítást és gyors gázreakciókat kínál.