2017 lexus es 200 hero

2.0-litre Petrol

ES 200


Driving the ES 200 you’ll immediately notice its outstanding ride comfort, smoothness and precise handling. Featuring an incredibly rigid chassis, the bodyshell is manufactured using innovative laser welding and adhesive technology, resulting in reduced noise and vibrations. Additionally, the car’s low profile and tapered cabin sides give it one of the most aerodynamic designs in class. This not only enhances fuel economy, it also dramatically reduces wind noise, making it an ideal car for motorway driving.

        2017 lexus es 200 key features
  • Luxury sedan

    You can see and feel the exquisite detail throughout this executive sedan. Its breathtaking performance, luxury and comfort makes the ES an exceptional car to drive.

  • Spacious design

    In profile the long streamlined cabin section of the ES gives a unique presence and exceptional roominess for up to five occupants.

  • Intelligent and safe

    The Lexus Safety System+ includes intuitive driver information, better forward vision, prompt warnings of hazards and collision risks, and autonomous braking in an emergency.

  • Refined and improved control

    Powerful and precise, the ES’s suspension architecture delivers enhanced stability with finely tuned shock absorber and increased body rigidity to dramatically reduce noise and vibration.

  • Smooth and quiet ride

    Brilliant design gives the ES a remarkably low coefficient of drag, for a serenely quiet ride. As well as reducing noise and vibration, the advanced aerodynamics increase its fuel efficiency.

  • Peerless comfort

    The driver and front passenger can individually heat or ventilate their seats as desired. This adds to the sense of bespoke luxury and is especially welcome in extreme weather conditions.

  • Interior Luxury

    The sumptuous leather driver’s seat offers 10-way adjustments, while 3-zone air conditioning provides individual climate control to the driver and passengers.


Explore options and packages available for the ES 200. You can view full specifications, offers or configure a ES to your exact preferences.

ES 200

2.0 Litre Petrol
        ES 200  Comfort

Incredibly durable, yet extremely refined, the ES 200’s 2.0-litre petrol engine delivers 150 DIN hp and features advanced Valvematic engine timing and Start/Stop technology.